Welcome to our Interim Executive Board Page


An Interim Executive Board (IEB) is a group of experienced governors, leaders, and professionals whose key role it is to challenge progress being made by the school to improve all aspects of the school’s performance focused clearly on the needs of pupils.

The members of the IEB are approved by the Department for Education, not the local authority. They act as the Governing Body and take decisions in the best interests of the school.


Current Members of the IEB:


Chair - Justine Roberts is Headteacher of the Primary Pupil Referral Unit in Leicestershire and Head of Service for Education, Quality, and Inclusion for Leicestershire Local Authority. Justine has been a former Headteacher in two previous Local Authorities and has worked with a range of schools in challenging circumstances to secure good outcomes and provision.


Vice Chair - Caroline Woodhouse is the Team Manager for Leicestershire County Council Governor Support and Development. Caroline is a solicitor non-practicing who previously practiced employment and education law. Caroline has worked with many school boards to ensure individuals have the right skills to hold leaders to account.


Clare Allen – Clare has been involved in education for twenty-five years as an Advanced-Skilled-Teacher, Headteacher, and adviser in Lincolnshire and Leicestershire schools. Clare is an NGA National Leader of Governance and has experience setting school vision into clear and succinct strategic documents. Clare is also the Chair of Governors at Stathern Primary within the Vale schools.


Michelle Allbones – Michelle is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at a local multi academy trust and heads up the central finance function to support and assist their schools to meet their strategic vision. The aim is to take the financial administrative burden away from teaching staff so that they can concentrate on doing what they do best, teaching. Michelle is a fully qualified accountant of 20+ years, and has a masters degree in planning and development, and has previously worked in external audit, internal audit as well as working in the education sector for 5 years, and has previously been a member on other local governing bodies.