Dinner Menus

Please note the change of Menu just on Thursday 7th July. 

Also note the new three choice/three week rolling Menu as from the 30th August 2022.  We will return on Week 2.

School dinners are provided in the middle of the day for a cost of £2.35 (we have been advised by LCC that this will rise to £2.40 in August 2022).

There is a facility to pay for your lunches in advance on the Arbor payment system for Years 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Alternatively we can still collect dinner money on a Monday only for the week or days you wish your child to have a hot meal if you prefer to pay by cash/cheque.  Please send money/cheques in a labelled envelope and give to the class teacher.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a Universal Free School Meal.  Parents do not need to apply for this.  However, Free School Meals are available for families receiving certain benefits.  These need to be applied for by the parents through the office.  Please do get in touch if you claim benefits and need a form.

Pre-School children can also enjoy a hot lunch at the cost of £2.35 (£2.40 in August 2022).  Please let Mrs Floyd know each morning if your child would like a hot lunch.  Pre-School parents can only pay by cash/cheque.

Although we encourage children to have a cooked meal, they can bring a healthy packed lunch if they wish. As storage space is limited we do ask that lunches are sent in proper lunch boxes.

Find out what your children will be enjoying at dinner time in the Menu below from Leicestershire's School Food Support Service:

Also please see the link below which will take you straight to the menu page on LTS Online.

The page will be updated with live feeds and will also include recipe ideas, marketing and theme days.