Curriculum 2023 - 2024

Curriculum Intent Statement

At Buckminster School we provide an enriching, high quality curriculum.  Creativity is encouraged; essential skills and knowledge are taught and applied in real life context and all children are viewed as lifelong learners.

The National Curriculum provides exciting opportunities for staff at our school to engage and inspire children to be the best they can be; to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about the world around them and to equip children with the knowledge and skills to experiment, investigate, invent, create and imagine.  

We develop curious minds by adopting a flexible approach to lesson design and structure.  Inspirational teachers develop inspirational learners by employing creative teaching methods; developing learning processes; challenging thinking and concepts and developing a ‘can do’ attitude when children are faced with adversity.  

We are a small rural school with a constantly evolving curriculum which responds to the needs of learners, their interests and the environment, by enhancing learning experiences and raising awareness from the local area to national and global arenas.  Thus, we develop outward looking pupils who are able to engage in learning about themselves and have an understanding and respect of the wider world and its complex cultures.

Our school curriculum is not only the statutory subjects; it is the whole experience of education, to ensure our young people grow up to be Respectful, Responsible, Reflective, Resourceful and Resilient.



To develop active and responsible global citizens


Aims: To be:

Respectful and Responsible citizens

Reflective and Resourceful learners

Resilient individuals