Weekly Challenge (Facebook)

VE Day Celebrations (at home)
Week 5 - What have you been growing? Plants, your hair, or just yourself - we haven't seen you in a while.
Lots of green fingers at Buckminster.  Have a look at what you've all been growing.
Week 4 - How have you been keeping fit?
Week 3 Challenge - April is National Pet Week so here are some of the pets from our Buckminster families.
Week 3 Challenge - April is National Pet Month so I thought it would be a great idea to see what sort of pets we have at Buckminster.
If you don't have a pet what would your ideal pet be or do you have a favourite pet from a book or film? Make a picture, model, collage or send a photo of your pet / ideal pet 

UPDATED 3rd April - Week 2 Baking Challenge - Already some fantastic photos showing all the wonderful baking and cooking being done at home. Well done everyone :)


Week 2 SCHOOL Activity - What have you been baking or cooking?

I know lots of you have been helping in the kitchen or learning new recipes this week. Send photos of your baking and cooking from the last week. If you haven't baked anything this week, draw a picture of a fantastic cake or your favourite meal or send a photo of something amazing you made before 

(From our school Facebook Page)

Week 1 SCHOOL Activity - Create a rainbow for your window 


Lots of communities are doing this at the moment - As the children are unable to see their friends but are still being encouraged to go for walks and get outdoors - it is a way to still communicate and maintain a sense of community. Even if you don't see any in your local village / area, we can share ours on the school page. Be creative - use lego, paints, chalk, collage, digital art - send me a photo and put your original in your window for someone to spot.


UPDATE 23.3.20: I have received some fantastic Window Rainbows - keep them coming.