Year 5 & 6

Welcome to Year 5 & 6
Dear Parents,
Welcome back!
This term, we are continuing to focus on our Viking Topic, focusing on prominent figures in Viking Britain and how the Vikings lived once they had settles before moving on to look at the demise of the Viking Era, ending with the Battle of Hastings and a look at the Bayeux Tapestry.
In our English learning, we shall revisit our learning on spelling, punctuation and grammar so far, developing our use of this in our writing with plenty of attention to detail.  Our reading will also acknowledge this learning as we develop our use of intonation and use of evidence from a text to support our own discussion ideas.
Maths will have a strong focus on decimals, fractions and percentages for the first half of the next 7 weeks, followed by revisiting multiplication and division for Year 5's and moving on to algebra and ratio for the Year 6 children.
PE will continue to take place on a Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, with our regular visit from an Inspire+ sports coach every Wednesday morning.
Music will also continue to take place every Wednesday morning so please don't forget your instruments!
Spellings will be provided each Monday to be tested the following Monday; we are endeavouring to apply our spellings each week to our writing in the classroom to develop our range of vocabulary and to recognise a variety of words in a range of contexts.
Homework will be issued on a Friday to be handed in on the following Wednesday; this will usually consist of one piece of Maths learning and one piece of English learning, however this may also have cross-curricular links.
I hope you all have a lovely term and I look forward to seeing you all over the course of the next 7 weeks.
Best wishes,
Mrs Kilius-Smith
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