Y6 (Y5) Home Learning

Week 2 (30.3.20) Please find below the plan and files for week 2 (websites are listed on the plan)
Any files from last week needed for week 2 are still below eg. 99 Club and spelling lists

TOPIC: Last week the plan referred to ‘TOPIC’ lessons in the afternoon – apologies if this was confusing.  This word is often used in schools for ‘Non Core’ lessons (ie. not English, Maths or Science).  And although we usually have one theme for these topic lessons (eg. Ancient Greeks), it is not necessarily focusing on one ‘topic’ or project, but rather a theme. ‘Topic  lessons’ are History, Geography, Art, DT, Music, PE, Computing etc.  So I have changed this heading to be ‘Other Subjects’


LEVELS:  Look out for activities with several levels – it is not intended that you do all levels for each activity.  Choose which level you think is best for your child - if you realise after a few questions you have misjudged, just go up or down to a different level. (Please ask if you are unsure)