Y6 & Y5 Home Learning

WEEK 7 ACTIVITIESThe final week of the half term!

A HUGE well done to everybody for all your amazing efforts – however much school work you have or haven’t completed, I know that you are all just doing your best to get through these very difficult times.

As always, remember that there is no expectation to complete the tasks – just do as much as is achievable for your family. 

18th – 24th May is Mental Health Awareness week – this year’s theme is KINDNESS.  I have attached a booklet with lots of activities – there are lots of different types of things to do from colouring to scavenger hunts to quizzes.  Hopefully something to suit everyone – but at the very least will hopefully remind us to be kind to ourselves and each other.

Maths files are attached as per previous weeks (option 1 & 2) and on the website.  There should still be plenty of activities left on the other subject grids.  However if you need anything else or this isn’t working for you / your child, please let me know.

And finally, Mrs Kilius-Smith returns from her maternity leave next and we say goodbye to Mrs Parkin.

Stay in touch and have a great week J

Week 6 - Please find below activities and tasks for week beginning 11th May.  English and maths have been updated (as below) I have also added some additional science and art tasks.  For everything else on the timetable, please refer to the grids from previous weeks. 
Remember there is no expectation to complete all the tasks - do as much as your family is able to manage based on your circumstances.  Don't be tempted to compare to anyone else - we are all making our way through this differently.  Stay safe and stay happy :)
Maths Week 6
English Week 6
Other Week 6

WEEK 5 Please find below information for week 5 home learning. 

There are instructions on the plan (page 1), but basically this week continues as per last week.  (other than maths please continue with the grids).

Maths has another file for OPTION 1 which has maths calculation questions each day (answers attached) and for OPTION 2 I have added some ‘Maths Mysteries’ (answers included) and also a Challenge Activities PPT which has lots of maths puzzles if you prefer to do these –  or have a change through the week J - but each option should only be 1-2 pages of printing (or you can just read from the screen).

The Maths challenge Powerpoint file is over 100 pages – PLEASE DO NOT PRINT the whole document - it is intended that you view it in slideshow otherwise you will just see the answers to the problems.  The sheets for attempting the questions are at the end of the PPT file or the PDF (which may be easier to print).  However you can also just do these on a piece of paper / in the home learning book.  Have a look through and choose the ones you like the look of, there are lots of different types.

Ben Gough and Danny and Grace have been busy working on the Maya topic and have created some Maya quizzes – attached – have a go and see how well you do.

 As always, if there is anything I can help with just ask J 

 Have a great week and keep in touch


Hello, another week has passed.  I hope you are all still well and have been able to enjoy some sunshine this week.

 Please find attached the suggested timetable for this week – as I have outlined on the plan, the majority of this week’s tasks are still based on the grids from last week.  I have only attached Maths Option 1 as a new file. (plus answers)

 Please let me know if you need anything else once you have read the information regarding next week.

 I have heard from a few of you – and you seem to be doing a great job.  If you haven’t got in touch yet, just let me know how you are getting on and if there is anything else I can do to help.

Remember there is no expectation to complete everything on this plan – if you do, that is amazing J but equally if you spend your week baking, gardening, playing hide and seek and walking the dog – that is also amazing.  Do what you can and if I can help you in any way, please let me know.


Take care, keep safe and stay in touch.

 Mrs Smith

Week 3 (20.4.20)  Please find below all the documents you will need for week 3 and several weeks of this term.  If you have any questions or concerns please email Mrs Smith or Mrs Parkin.
Week 2
Week 2 (30.3.20) Please find below the plan and files for week 2 (websites are listed on the plan)
Any files from last week needed for week 2 are still below eg. 99 Club and spelling lists

TOPIC: Last week the plan referred to ‘TOPIC’ lessons in the afternoon – apologies if this was confusing.  This word is often used in schools for ‘Non Core’ lessons (ie. not English, Maths or Science).  And although we usually have one theme for these topic lessons (eg. Ancient Greeks), it is not necessarily focusing on one ‘topic’ or project, but rather a theme. ‘Topic  lessons’ are History, Geography, Art, DT, Music, PE, Computing etc.  So I have changed this heading to be ‘Other Subjects’


LEVELS:  Look out for activities with several levels – it is not intended that you do all levels for each activity.  Choose which level you think is best for your child - if you realise after a few questions you have misjudged, just go up or down to a different level. (Please ask if you are unsure)

Week 1
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