Buckminster Primary School

Buckminster Primary School is a small, rural school for children aged four plus to eleven years. 

We also have an Pre-school for children aged three to four years.

The school is housed in an attractive Victorian building lying between the villages of Buckminster and Sewstern, and was built in 1889.

The school has six well-equipped classrooms together with a school hall, library, kitchen, a school farm garden and very attractive school grounds, a staff room and office accommodation.

Outside we have an enclosed play area for the Foundation children, a large hard playground, an adjacent sports field, incorporating a multi-user games area with an all weather surface. We also have a wooded area which is in the process of being developed into a 'Forest School'.  We have also developed an enclosed garden area, where each class is able to tend their own vegetable bed and we have paddocks for our hens and goats. Every fortnight we travel to Melton Mowbray by coach for swimming lessons.

Our Early Years classrooms cater for the Foundation Stage One and Two children and our Key Stage One classroom for Year 1 and Year 2 children. Each of these classes has a separate room staffed by their own teacher and supported by classroom assistants. The main building also gives the groups the flexibility to work together when it benefits the delivery of the curriculum.

Our Key Stage Two classes caters for Year 3, Year 4 and Years 5 and 6. They are also supported by classroom assistants.

Each classroom has its own Ipads and has the use of a mobile, wireless bank of laptops. Further ICT resources are housed in the library. Interactive whiteboards are in place in all of the classrooms.



Our vision at Buckminster Primary School is based upon the following:

Learning Together

  • In a community-based learning environment, involving pupils, parents, family and the local community where the values of care, equity and achievement for all are paramount.

Learning about the World

  • To ensure our children have an understanding of the wider world including the life experiences of others outside their own community in order to support their tolerance, respect and understanding of the world and its people.
  • To be a sustainable school where we consider the environmental impact of the processes which we use to be develop an understanding in our children of ways to support the care of the environment.

Learning for the Future

We accept that many of the jobs which our pupils will undertake are unlikely to exist yet. As such, we will equip our pupils with fundamental learning skills enabling them to:

  • Have a secure knowledge of their own learning styles and needs.
  • Have an ability to take ownership of their learning, and to identify ways of reaching their own targets, goals and aspirations.
  • Have a strong understanding of how to ensure their own physical and emotional health, and to support others around them in doing the same.
  • Have an understanding of how being a member of a successful, collaborative community can enhance chances of success.
  • Utilise technologies to support the learning and teaching processes, striving to be innovative in their use.

In order that our children will show 'the 4 R's of being Respectful, Responsible, Reflective and Resourceful'.



Catchment Area

Our catchment area covers the villages of Buckminster, Sewstern, Garthorpe and Coston. However, the popularity of the school is such that the school attracts children from many of the surrounding villages.

Those children within the catchment area and who come from the village of Sproxton are eligible for free school transport.

The school has an open-door policy and welcomes parents who are considering a choice of school for their children.


Our School Day

8.55am Registration
9.00am Lessons
Daily run
10.45am Mid-Morning Break
11.00am Lessons
12.15pm Lunch Time
1.15pm Lessons
3.20pm Home Time


Our Vision Statement

Buckminster School, where children become Inspiration Learners.



Mission Statement

As a small rural primary school we strive to cater for the needs of all members of our school community (children, parents, staff, Governors) and the wider village community in a caring supportive ethos. We seek to provide an education that is underpinned by values of a sense of community, an understanding of local and global diversity and compassion in our behaviour to each other. We firmly believe that strong links between the different members of our community provides us with the best possible opportunity to succeed.

We believe that the following values should underpin our work; Love and compassion; justice; equality; service and stewardship; peace and forgiveness; generosity and thankfulness.

We ensure that all of our learners are given opportunity to strive for personal excellence whilst supporting the needs and feelings of those around them. We believe that every child has the potential to succeed, and that as a school we will strive to identify the areas of potential for each individual member of our community. In order for that potential to be achieved we will provide an environment in which members of our community are happy, safe, comfortable, motivated and valued. Only then can learning flourish.

We will ensure that, through our teaching, members of our community will be taught the skills required to learn independently. Members of our community will be given the opportunity to identify their own learning preferences and to work using them. They will be empowered to think creatively to solve problems.

As a school we value what each member of our community can bring to each other and the school as a whole. We value the contribution that all can make in terms of nurturing confidence, friendships and social interaction. We will ensure that everyone in our school is encouraged to develop their sense of responsibility to the communities that they are part of.