Einstein Class (Y5/6)

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Einstein Class Spring Term 2023 Newsletter


January 2023

Dear parents and carers,


Happy New Year!  This term our topic is Vikings.  The children will have many lessons: art, history, geography, English based on this theme and, where appropriate, other lessons will make links to the Vikings.  (See the topic web on the school website for more details on each subject)

As we head towards the mid-point of the academic year, the year 6 children will start to prepare for the SATs tests in May.  More details will be sent out later in the term, however if you have any questions or concerns before that, please don’t hesitate to come in and talk to us.

PE will continue to be on Wednesdays and Fridays this term.  Wherever possible, PE will be taught outside, so when the weather is cold and wet, please encourage children to wear jogging bottoms and a blue sweatshirt over their polo shirt.  

English, spellings and maths homework remain as per the autumn term.  Everyone started out very well in relation to homework at the start of the year, but by the end of term, several children were repeatedly forgetting or not completing it.  Therefore, from this term onwards, in preparation for secondary school, children will be given one additional day to hand in their homework otherwise, they will have to complete it at break time.

We do understand that there may be an odd week where homework can’t be completed – for a variety of reasons – if this happens, please write a note in the home school diary or email the appropriate teacher so we understand why it has not been done.  Homework given out should be at a level which children can generally complete independently, if you feel this is consistently not the case, please get in touch.

As always, we encourage children to read as much as possible.  The children will continue to have a levelled book from school which we use to assess their comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and other reading skills.  They can of course read other books for enjoyment and we would encourage that.  Also please don’t be alarmed if your child has previously read a level 20 book and then brings a level 16 or 17 book home – there is such a broad range of titles in all levels we encourage the children to read across the levels to ensure they read a broad range of genres.

As always, if you have any questions, please write a note in the home school diary, send an email or try and see us at the end of the day.

Kind regards,

Mrs Kilius-Smith & Mrs Smith



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