Curie Class Remote Learning W/C 4th January 2021

Welcome Back and Happy New Year to you all!
Please find attached all of the work and resources needed for the rest of this week.
As always I have tried to compile a mixture of worksheets and online learning to support your children. Although I am always available via email should you need any further help or support, so please contact me if you need me.
Next week I plan to teach some live lessons, so please keep an eye on emails for updates and information.
For now I would like you to email all completed work and I will be arranging zoom calls to provide feedback and touch base with the children.
For online activities please use Purple Mash - you know what to do!
Twinkle Go pins for this week are
Year 1 OF7386
Year 2 PJ6149
you will find further activities there too.
The Maths sessions are new units so do bare in mind that the work will get harder, the first three days are refresher style lessons. 
Im sure you guys are feeling very simular to me right now, I too have both girls at home with me :) Although I'm sure if we all work together we will get through this .
Warm regards 
Mrs OC
Suggested time table
Maths Challenges 
The arrays and equal groups are for Year 2.
The Tens and Ones and 11-20 are for Year 1.
Please find below a handwriting booklet to support your childs progress during our remote learning.
I suggest that you print the booklets back to back and work through at your own pace :)